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Spring-Summer 2012

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BOOK REVIEWS MAKE MUSIC WITH YOUR IPAD REVIEW BY RIC GETTER In spite of the fact that it has only made one appearance at the Grammy Awards (in the hands of Stephen Colbert no less), it's hard to think of anything that has had as big of an influence on music in recent years as the iPad. The near instantaneous flood of music-producing apps and accessories may have even surprised Apple. Whether, like Colbert, music is just a sideline or is your primary gig, it can be incredibly hard figuring out just how the iPad fits in. With his new book, Make Musi c With Your iPad, Ben Harvell has come to the rescue. It's one of the clearest and most comprehensive overviews for the iPad-toting musician that we've seen so far. The first half of the book covers nearly all the elements of making music, from connecting up to mixing down. You'll find that for every step there are several solutions and Harvell points out the best. You'll find that you can download virtually every app mentioned in the book for less than the price of a good mic. Not only do you get to see where these apps and accessories fit into your music-making workflow, Harvell often provides a basic, step-by-step how to that will get you started. Make Music with your iPadis copiously illustrated in full color, particularly useful as color- coding plays an important role in most of the app interfaces. Scattered throughout the book are a variety of "Artist Lessons," each like a brief master class where renowned musicians and recording artists share valuable tips on their iPad techniques. QR codes throughout the book gives you direct access to the apps and links to samples that serve as "audio illustrations" of the sounds and techniques. However, the reader (and the publisher) should note that QR codes printed nearly flush to the binding-side margin of a page are veryhard to scan. Nearly a third of the book is dedicated to one app: GarageBand, and it is so well done we think that it's worth the entire price of admission. Harvell takes you through the program's many layers, not only covering the basics but revealing many tips and tricks that would be almost impossible to find on your own. Even non-musicians will learn how to create beautiful underscores with GarageBand's "smart" instruments. The final section of the book puts it all together and walks you through a project from first inspiration to final mix-down. Though most musicians would much rather spend their time playing than reading, Make Musi music-making machine. It not only helps you hone your skills, it may even open up some horizons you never before dreamed of exploring (even if you're just a TV host). Make Music with your iPadby Ben Harvell; $29.99, Wiley ( 2012; 265 pages, ISBN: 978-1-118-1458-6 c with your iPadgives you an informative, fun, up-tempo head start with this marvelous

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