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BOOK REVIEWS 365 GRAPHIC DESIGN SINS AND VIRTUES REVIEW BY RIC GETTER THOU SHALL NOT USE COMIC SANS – begins with the tips on type and typography and ascends to gems of wisdom on the principles of design and best practices for project management. Along the way, you'll pass through layout, color, graphics and production. Each of the 365 pages of the almanac leads off with an appropriate aphorism, followed by an illustration and a brief, often witty and tongue-in-cheek commentary. Some of the topics may fall into the realm of common sense (#42, "Thou shal l not use CAPS for long passages of body copy"). Many others are learned from those expensive errors you can only afford to make once in a career (#268: "Thou shal l attempt to run color proofs on the correct paper stock"). The almanac's coverage of type and typography is possibly the most eye- opening for readers who were born and bred in the digital age. We've gotten so used to our tools making decisions for us that it's easy to forget the original rules on which those decisions were supposed to be based. In fact, you may be surprised to find out how often your trusty design software may be misleading you. (And don't even thi word processor.) nkabout relying on your You all know the story of desktop publishing: You give people good enough tools and they will always find new ways to abuse them. When projects went to professional, lead-slinging typesetters, you would know they'd sweat every single detail. Now those details (that our readers' eyes and minds still depend on) run the risk of becoming a lost language. Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans – 365 Graphic Design Sins and Virtues: A Designer's Almanac of Dos and Don'ts by Sean Adams, Peter Dawson, John Foster and Tony Seddon will help virtually everyone whose work involves printer's ink and paper (not to mention clients, printers, deadlines, and the like). The book Of course, part of learning the rules is getting a feel for how and when they can be broken to good effect and the almanac includes some great tips on how this works, as well. And many of the best entries lean towards the abstract rather than the hard and fast, providing some startlingly astute insight in how to think like veteran designer and typographer. readers who were born and bred in the digital age." and typography is possibly the most eye-opening for "The almanac's coverage of type Reading a few paragraphs about each of 365 discreet topics won't teach you how to be a great designer, but it will serve as a useful short course a sideline and will provide some useful reminders if you've been in the business for a while. Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans – 365 Graphic Design Sins and Virtues: A Designer's Almanac of Dos and Don'tsby Sean Adams, Peter Dawson, John Foster and Tony Seddon; $29.99 (eBook $15.99), Peachpit Press ( 2012; 384 pages, ISBN: 978-0321812810 38 MacDirectory

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