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Spring-Summer 2012

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FEATURE 1. What college did Apple co-founder Steve Jobs withdraw from by 1975? a. Harvard University b. Cal Tech c. Reed College d. Georgetown University 2. The NeXT computer served as the initial platform for the developer of the World Wide Web. Who was that developer? a. Steve Wozniak b. Tim Berners-Lee c. Charles Babbage d. Vannevar Bush 3. Which magazine had Steve Jobs on the cover with the headline: "iPod, Therefore iAm"? a. Time b. Newsweek c. PC World d. MacDirectory 4. In the first year alone, the iTunes Music Store sold how many songs? a. 1 billion b. 100 million c. 10 million d. 70 million 5. What year did Apple begin selling computers directly, over the phone and web? a. 1997 b. 2001 c. 2004 d. 1994 6. In 1983, John Sculley joined Apple from which company? a. IBM b. Microsoft c. Pepsi d. Google 111 MacDirectory ANSWERS: 1 – C, 2 – B, 3 – B, 4 – D, 5 – A, 6 -- C

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