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FEATURE REVIEW IPHONE LENSES > GETTING A WIDER PERSPECTIVE WORDS BY RIC GETTER With the latest iPhones, you have a device that can record pictures and videos as good as some dedicated point-and-shoots. Though the iPhone's software provides a modest digital zoom, going wide-angle means adding on a lens. Two that were introduced at Macworld/iWorld this year take different approaches targeting two distinct markets but both provide great results. easy to use while the appropriately named i The economical olloclipis compact and Prooffers top-notch German optics for the best possible image quality. We're going to take a look at (and through) both. The Olloclip If size and convenience are a priority, the olloclip is the way to go. The entire lens system fits inside of a tidy little drawstring bag under two inches square. The bag's microfiber fabric is made of the recommended material for cleaning the lenses. The clip snaps on the corner of a case-less iPhone 4 or 4s, aligning itself with the phone's rear camera. One side is the basic wide angle (about the same as a 20mm lens on a 35mm camera) and the other is the fisheye. The wide-angle lens unscrews from the mount to reveal a macro lens that can provide some rather spectacular close-ups. In fact, for the camera to focus with the macro, you need to be within and inch or two of your subject. The olloclip proved to be quite acceptably sharp on our iPhone 4, though there was quite a bit of curvilinear (barrel) distortion with the wide angle. The fish-eye, which by nature cuts off (vignettes) the corners of the image, did so with a nice, hard edge. Doing macro photography with an iPhone was a bit of a challenge in terms of keeping the camera steady and its shadow off the subject. However, the results can be quite impressive. 107 MacDirectory

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