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CLOSER LOOK JUST MOBILE'S GUM MAX >LEAVES YOUR IPHONE AND IPAD SUPER-CHARGED AND READY FOR ANYTHING WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN Some people would take a look at Just Mobile's stable of high-design, high-end products and figure the company has done more than enough to earn its place in the hall of fame of providers for iPhone and iPad accessories. So why spend time on anything new? Other people would take a look at the company's stable of awards, including 2012 Best of Show wins for its Highway Pro and AluPen Pro and figure it could take some time out to just relax, rest on its laurels and bask in the glow of the many industry honors. The rest of us know however, that those people, though well intentioned, would be incorrect. Just Mobile is a company that has made a name for itself by constantly raising the bar on its products and the way it serves its customers, and that isn't about to change any time soon, Best of Show awards notwithstanding. The new Gum Max backup battery is a perfect example of this finely tuned attention to detail and desire to constantly raise the standard for iPad and iPhone accessories. Gum Max bills itself as a supercharged backup battery for iPhone and iPad2. Yet that description doesn't begin to do it justice. Advertising a capacity of 10,400 mAH, Gum Max is able to "fully recharge an iPad and still have juice to spare." In addition, the Gum Max comes complete with a USB output that works on both iPhones and other smartphones. And it's easy to read LED power indicators and USB recharger virtually guarantee that you'll never get caught by surprise by a dead backup battery. As with all Just Mobile's products, Gum Max's styling, which includes an aluminum shell, is edgy and far superior to what is normally found in products of this type. Best of all the shell is as tough as it is attractive. Yet even though the battery is tough, it is still very lightweight, and much more compact than its 10K plus mAH capability would lead you to believe. The battery also comes with a smartly, styled, convenient pouch that tucks neatly into a briefcase or backpack. I didn't have to use the Gum Max for very long before becoming quite impressed with it. Not only did it retain its charge for the entire work day, I was able to easily figure out how to set it up and use it with my phone. Meanwhile, the Gum Max's ability to stay charged after hours of keeping my phone going was a tremendous asset to me. It was a great feeling to be able to keep the phone up and running for an entire day without worrying about getting cut off in mid conversation or web search because of battery life being low. The lightweight styling is also a wonderful feature, as it made it easy for me to carry the battery with me when I wanted to work offsite. Another bonus is the size of battery, as it was very easy to set up at my desk and at the smaller coffee shop table without it taking up too much space. It was also easy to tuck away so that there was no danger of it getting knocked over. Best of all, even after long-term use, the battery was still a cool temperature. So whether you're a high-end iPhone user or just someone who likes the freedom of being able to use your iPad whenever and wherever you want, check out the Gum Max – a great piece that proves once again that when it comes to Just Mobile and their products, style and substance are absolutely notmutually exclusive. For all Just Mobile products, visit . 106 MacDirectory

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