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REVIEW ADOBE DIGITAL SCHOOL COLLECTION > Could a class report on plant growth advance photo and video skills of the very young? Welcome to Adobe Digital Education 101. Digital education opportunities and exploration abound in the Adobe Digital School Collection, which contains Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Adobe Premiere Elements 10, and Acrobat X Pro. Written reports can be delivered as revved up digital story drama. Show and tell becomes show, expand, pan in and then zoom out, tweak color, add some funky styles, then share via the Internet. Why use these digital tools in the classroom? Adobe's media editing programs are simple to learn, yet entice students by utilizing digital media tools that engage problem-solving skills, empower students to take ownership of hard work, and test their knowledge. Whether students know it or not, they are learning professional editing skills. And as they continue on their education path, each budding Einstein will retain expansive media knowledge and workflow expertise that can broaden their exposure into professional media fields. Wonders of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 allows young and old to custom edit digital photos, add text, share photos in different formats, not only by email or websites, but also on Facebook. Some new features with Photoshop Elements 10 offers include: • Find specific objects in your photos with Object Search. • Tag faces in photos using Facebook Friends list. • Share photos on Facebook. • Improve photo composition with Crop Guide. • New Guided Edits create stunning pop art and other photo styles. • Paint on up to 100 different effects for soft, edgy, or artistic. • Create depth of field and collage effects (Orton Effect). • Boost tone, vibrance and independently adjust color. Show and Tell Video Adobe Premiere Elements 10 lets students chapter menus. • Burn Blu-ray quality HD movies. Share in quality AVCHD format, and Facebook. • Enhanced motion graphics with Hollywood style themes, transitions and effects. • Automated options to balance audio elements, and can easily fix audio volume and clarity. Professional effects to boost skin tone and vibrance. Able to independently adjust color in highlights, shadows, and midtones. Simple Yet Powerful All applications run native on a 32-bit operating system, and in 32-bit compatibility mode on 64-bit systems. Add the flexibility of Adobe's Acrobat X to share classroom digital work in a multiple content styles and rich media. And Adobe doesn't skimp on customer support with multiple short tutorial videos on Adobe TV, Education Exchange, and Teacher Resources (lesson plans). Adobe offers a 30-day free trial period to test drive Premiere Elements 10 and Photoshop Elements 10. Try these illuminating applications for free, buy as individual packages or consider classroom use with an onsite educational license (contact Adobe for details). jump right into the director's chair visualizing and tweaking video clips. One new feature allows customized pan and zoom mode. Users can take one, or connect multiple digital shots together to scan in, pan and zoom out, drawing the viewers' attention across single digital shots, just like a rolling video clip. Other new features include: • Share videos on Animated Online Albums via public or private gallerie.s • Edit a video frame as if it were an individual photo, then reinsert it back as a freeze-frame effect. Allows for color adjustments in specific areas. • Find and organize photos and videos using People Recognition, Object Search and tagging by Facebook Friends List. • Share finished videos on disc, online that provide scene indexes and Pros > Cons > Rating > System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.8 through 10.7, Multicore Intel processor, 7 GB of available hard-disk space, 1024x768 display resolution, and graphics card with latest update drivers. DVD-ROM drive and compatible Blu-ray burner to burn Blu-ray discs. Price > Made by > Website > Adobe Adobe Premiere Elements 10 $79.00 U.S. upgrade. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 $79.00 upgrade (combined package at $124.95 U.S.). Adobe Acrobat X at $449 U.S., upgrade at $199 U.S. Contact Adobe for education license pricing. Easy to use and learn, yet powerful tools to create and edit digital photos and videos, excellent product support online. May require additional tutoring for Premiere Elements 10 before editing digital video due to video format variety MEDIA EDU-CREATION WORDS BY LISA HILL 103 MacDirectory

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