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CLOSER LOOK LOGIIX > OFFERING A WIDE ARRAY OF ACCESSORIES WORDS BY LARISA REDINS Looking for new and innovative accessories for your iPhone and iPad? Logiix, a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing Apple accessories, offers you a wide array of products to choose from. Whether you are looking for iPhone cases, iPad cases, styluses, etc, Logiix designs and develops numerous types of products to suit all tastes and sensibilities. "Logiix takes pride in providing well- crafted, carefully designed accessories that not only perform but attract a wide demographic with their aesthetically pleasing accessories. Careful steps are taken to achieve both functionality and personality in every product they design," says Svetlana Kasyanova, the brand manager at Logiix. "Consumer driven, Logiix is recognized for its commitment in offering a vast array of products that relate and most importantly, keep up with the dynamic industry standard." Logiix Stylus Diamond The Logiix Stylus Diamond boasts many outstanding features. For instance, this innovative stylus boasts of a transparent tip that also pivots. This new feature permits the stylus to adjust to your own holding habit - providing you with the most comfortable stylus use. Moreover, the stylus' clear tip allows you to see through the tip for exact line placement — giving pen-like accuracy. Further, the Logiix Stylus Diamond glides across any touch screen with excellent sensitivity – and without friction or drag. As such, this stylus is perfect for writing, drawing detailed sketches, web browsing, and more activities. Available in a variety of colors, the stylus also comes complete with tip protectors and a replacement tip that will prolong the stylus' life. Logiix Roadster Flip XS for iPhone 4/4S Featuring an ultra slim, attractive case, the Logiix Roadster Flip XS iPhone 4/4S combines fashionable protection with convenient access to your iPhone 4/4S. Available in two color choices, the Roadster Flip XS is extremely durable and boasts of reinforced edges and a soft inner lining to preserve your phone. As this iPhone case also has a magnetic snap closure, you can be sure that your device will remain safe from everyday activities. Logiix Roadster III ProCover for iPad 3 Featuring a protective hard shell, the Roadster III ProCover Folio offers durable protection for your iPad. Further, a reinforced fitted frame folds to allow for not one, but two different viewing angles. Moreover, this case also has a soft microfiber interior to cradle your iPad from bumps and scratches. In addition, as this case is part of the SmartLine Series, your iPad 3 will automatically wake up when you open the cover and will also enter into sleep mode upon closing the cover. Logiix Roadster III ProSlim for iPad 3 An extremely attractive case, the Logiix Roadster III Pro-Slim for iPad 3 offers more to consumers than just stunning good looks. After all, this case boasts of a polycarbonate back with a matte black finish. Further, this case has a microfiber lining that offers excellent protection for your iPad 3. In addition, the Roadster III Pro-Slim also transforms into a functional stand for the landscape orientation. As this product is again also part of the SmartLine Series, your iPad will instantly turn on when you open the cover and go to sleep when the cover is closed. As you can see from these samples, Logiix offers many different Apple accessories to consumers. The company also plans to develop additional innovative products in the future. "The company plans to continue to cater to the needs of its consumers; to continue to listen and ensure that its understanding of today's market is accurate and always a priority. With the motivation and creativity of a strong team, Logiix's products will continue to exceed expectations and fearlessly deliver," says Kasyanova. For more information on these products and other offerings, please visit . 101 MacDirectory

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