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CLOSER LOOK PRINTING INDUSTRY EXCHANGE WORDS BY LARISA REDINS Formed in October 1997, Printing Industry Exchange is the first company to create a service that matches print buyers (such as graphic designers and authors) with print sellers (such as book publishers). How do the services work? Print sellers pay the company a set subscription fee for the ability to quote potential print buyer jobs on the website. These companies are filtered by Print Industry in order to ensure that they are reputable companies. For instance, the companies must be in business for a considerable length of time and have an excellent business history. In addition, the print sellers only receive quotes regarding the specific printing they specialize in. Completely free service for buyers For free, buyers can go to and submit a request about anything print related on the company website. Some of the items that buyers can submit requests about include the following: (1) Quick printing jobs such as business cards and leaflets, (2) Commercial printing such as annual reports and books. (3) Large-format printing such as wallpaper and banners and (4) Specialty printing such as buttons, caps and T-shirts. "Say a print buyer wants 100 books printed, he or she can request a quote for 100 books with specific specifications that can include how many pages in the book, the size of the book, the size of the font, the color of the book cover font etc," CEO Mike Svestka told MacDi rectory. "Depending on the type of print job requested, the appropriate print sellers will immediately receive the request from the buyer. The print sellers then submit a quote to the buyer directly." No obligation Further, there is no obligation for the potential print buyer to work with one of these companies. However, if he or she is interested with one or more of the quotes, the print buyer can further inquire about the job directly with the print seller. It is important to note that if the print buyer chooses to work with a particular print seller, Printing Industry Exchange does not receive a cut of the transaction. Thus, the consumer is getting the best possible price for a print job. Without a doubt, this method is a great free way for graphic designers, authors, business owners and others to connect with publishing companies. "Instead of wasting time locating, and sending inquiries to multiple companies, all the printing companies are located "under one roof" so to speak," says Svestka. "Further, as the companies are pre-filtered, you can rest assured knowing that you are dealing with an honest and reputable company." Moreover, since the requests are tailored to specific subject areas, only companies that complete the specific type of printing you request will get back to you. In addition, as you will receive multiple quotes, you can choose to work with the company that best suits your needs at the best possible price point. Future of the company With respect to the future, this company plans to continue to grow and offer its innovative service to patrons. Svestka concluded by saying: "As we have been in business since 1997, our aim is to offer this efficient and valuable service to both print buyers and print sellers alike in the near future and beyond." For more information on this service and the company, please visit . 99 MacDirectory

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