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10 Ways Apple Changed the World

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60 MacDirectory FEATURE Apple 2015 belongs to the most significant breakthrough of 2014, Apple's 5K iMac Retina. While the rest of the world is trying -- not very well -- to catch up to 4K resolution, Apple has leapfrogged to the far more daunting challenge of 5K. Why? It's not just a numbers game, there's a solid reason. 5K lets you edit 4K video full screen and have 1K left over for panels. Kudos to Dell for being first out the door with a 5K monitor, but Apple aced this triumph by pricing the entire iMac Retina package at close to the price of Dell's monitor. The hardware and software challenges of making HiDPI work are great. Is the iMac Retina too bleeding edge? No. It is a fully functioning product, completely ready for prime time. There is no reason not to buy this computer now. That said, it would be prudent to wait for the horsepower improvements that will undoubtedly come with the second generation, perhaps in mid or late 2015. That is, if you can stand to be without this important piece of technology history that long. Millenniata A computer is only as good as the data you can save. There is only one safe way to save your data: Millenniata's M-disc technology. These are recordable DVDs and Blu-rays which don't rely on organic dyes but instead create a physically etched DVD or Blu-ray that is enormously resistant to torture and is expected to last well over a hundred years. See Robbin Harris's take here: IWARDS 2015 BY BILL TROOP

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