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40 MacDirectory COMPANY PROFILE ABSOLUTE SOFTWARE > COVERING YOUR ASSETS IS AN ABSOLUTE SNAP When computers first came into being, the thought of protecting them consisted of insurance policies covering only device damage or loss. Then along came the 1990s and identity theft, and suddenly it seemed much more important to protect what was on the computer than the computer itself. Enter the 21 st century, when computing devices have become as commonplace as cellphones, and just as diverse and personal. In this climate both the data and the device are equally important, yet a lot of companies can only protect one or the other. Fortunately, Absolute Software is not a lot of companies. Absolute Software is a unique company that has been in business for nearly 20 years. Specializing in cutting- edge "technology and services for the management and security of mobile computers, netbooks, and smartphones," they also work extensively with law enforcement to not only track stolen devices, but to protect device content. Recently MacDirectory spoke with Mark Grace, vice president of consumer business at Absolute Software, who described Absolute's work with law enforcement as "(One of the) secret(s) behind our success. That relationship has enabled us to own this category." "Own" is a strong word, but in this case, it's very applicable. Grace told us how, recently, a police chief from South Carolina took a "foot high" stack of testimonials about Computrace LoJack for Laptops to a presentation he was giving to students at Georgia Tech. His presentation, which ended with the strong recommendation that the students get LoJack for Laptops for themselves, was a smashing success. Police departments in Europe meanwhile, are some of Absolute's biggest customers, personally purchasing LoJack for Laptops for incoming freshmen at several of their public universities. One of the guiding forces behind Absolute Software's relationship with law enforcement personnel is Absolute's ability to provide something that a lot of other companies offering "similar" products cannot; follow up. Says Grace, "Our product is unique because of how we track the system through IP. There are a lot of people who can track your product with GPS, or take pictures of the thief or send messages to the thief. But law enforcement is not involved with any of those, and we don't want average citizens out there trying to track down the person who took their laptop. We have a team of former law enforcement personnel, and (through them) we do a lot of work (for law enforcement). We do a lot of the forensics, a lot of the paper work. And when we can take all of this to the police department and show them that we've already laid a lot of the groundwork they really appreciate that." Grace talked proudly of how, in some cases, Absolute's work has helped the police to close even larger crimes "like breaking up theft rings. That's a huge power to have." Grace also told MacDirectory about the special place Apple customers occupy with his company. "Apple has been a tremendous partner for us. We're consistently one of the top selling software in the (Apple) stores and online. The amount of Apple and MacBook recovery we do is amazing." In addition, Grace credited Apple users with being some of the impetus behind Absolute's focus on recovering devices as well as data, "Mac users want the asset back. That is a personal piece, a stylish part of their being." With an impressive recovery rate of three out of four stolen computers (and climbing), increasing popularity in Apple stores both in the United States and abroad, and a new premium package that offers the ability for data to be deleted from stolen laptops in a matter of seconds, it is obvious that Absolute Software is going to continue to "own" the field of device and data protection well into the next century. For more information about Absolute Software, including LoJack for Laptops (Premium and Standard Edition), check out your nearest Apple Store, or order it directly from . WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN

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