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CLOSER LOOK GLIDECAM >SMARTPHONE STABILIZING WITH THE IGLIDE WORDS BY MATTHEW SCHILDROTH In today's digital world, almost everyone is creating, editing, and distributing video. From parents recording videos of their new babies to show to far-away families to teens capturing their latest stunts (or to be more precise, stupidity) to the pros in Hollywood, it is easy to record high- quality video. However, one of the most frequent problems with what would be good footage is that the video is turbulent and shaky. This is where Glidecam Industries comes in. Established in 1993 in Kingston, Mass., Glidecam is the premier company for creating the smoothest video possible. It designs and manufactures the best camera stabilizers in the industry. The stabilizers allow operators to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles, and travel over uneven terrain while easily recording smooth video. The stabilizers can be used along with a variety of booms, camera cranes, and other mounting systems, and are the ideal solution for any type of production — whether you are using a large professional camera such as the RED One, or thanks to brand new developments from Glidecam, smart phones such as your Droid X2 or iPhone. Glidecam has been working for several months to bring the concept of a smartphone stabilizer mount to market. What came out of those many collective hours of labor is the Glidecam iGlide. The iGlide is an attachment designed to work flawlessly with existing camera stabilization systems such as Glidecam's HD-1000. Priced at just $49, there is really no reason to not add it to your existing iPhone with them than ever before, especially since Apple has released software for the portable studio such as iMovie. In the words of Thomas Howie, VP of sales and marketing at Glidecam, "This is the digital age and we are now ready to release the new Glidecam iGlide system for HD Video Smart Phones. The industry has changed and camera support equipment has also changed. Today, there is a new breed of production professionals ready for new equipment and new ideas." lineup of professional stabilization hardware, especially since you will be hard pressed to find a suitable opponent from any other manufacturer. I find it interesting that Glidecam is the only company that produces anything of the sort. While other companies may produce a basic tripod, Glidecam is the only company truly on the cutting edge that sees that most of today's smartphones contain cameras fully capable of shooting more professional video than dedicated cameras of just a few years ago. In fact, with the increase in smartphone users, people are more likely to leave their dedicated cameras behind and take their A quick Google search will reveal a variety of people who have already used such phones to shoot and edit their own films. One such example is "Apple of My Eye," which got rave reviews from many people who were impressed by the iPhone's quality camera and the impressive shots production team was able to record. What you'll notice if you watch it, especially if you watch the behind-the-scenes footage, is that the video is shaky in some parts due to lack of proper mounting and stabilization hardware. Had the team been using the iGlide and Glidecam stabilizer, even better results likely would have been seen. Whether you are an aspiring professional filmmaker or an avid YouTube enthusiast, the Glidecam iGlide could be just what you need to take your films to a higher level without additional effort or even having to upgrade your camera. Glidecam's systems make it easy for anyone to shoot professional quality video, even with the most basic of camera hardware. Anyone and everyone is making movies from great ideas they have had. Now the only question is "What will you shoot?" 48 MacDirectory

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