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INTERVIEW MODELMAC NAME >Dawn Olivieri LOCA TION > La La Land. GLORY >There are so many as you traverse through life! To keep it simple, my proudest moment of the DAY was sitting at a callback for this film playing a character with a French accent... accents have always been such a black hole for me. Every time I would play around with one there was always someone around to tell me how bad it was so i believed them and gave up. Finally I found someone that told me I could do It and I did. In three days. I beat out the FRENCH girls! I was reminded of such a valuable lesson in life today. It is so important to keep close those that believe in your abilities... We cannot always see what makes us great. SECRET >I have braces. They are on the inside so you would never know! Shhhh! MVP (Mac Valuable Product)> A Big Mac. (just kidding). I have just about everything they make, but I guess I would have to go with the obvious, my desktop. It’s like 273 inches. It’s huge I can see everything! ROMANCE >If I had a date with Steve Jobs, I would try to talk him into funding a huge movie that I could star in. TECHNOLOGY > Apple was there from the beginning. Ask Eve. DO YOU HAVE AN IPAD? > Not yet. ;) TUNES >My favorite tunes? Beck, Muddy Waters, John Nagle, Hayes, White Stripes, Jeff Buckley, Cat Power, to name a few... PHOTO > CAESAR LIMA CAESARPHOTO.COM MAKEUP > VERONICA HERNANDEZ STYLING > GINA HERBERT MacDirectory 127

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