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6 New iPadOS 16 Features We Can’t Wait to Try from Apple By Sergio Velasquez Apple’s making the iPad feel less like a big iPhone and more like a laptop replacement. We're still a bit far from the official iPadOS 16 release to the public. Chances are, we're going to see its full version available near the end of the year. But because of how many great features are coming to iPadOS 16, we really can't wait. Apple's making the iPad look and feel less like a big iPhone and more like a laptop replacement, and iPadOS 16 only brings more features to prove that. Features that'll let you work with external monitors, focus on the most important apps, or create projects with your coworkers on the go will make the iPad a truly worth laptop replacement for some of us. Keep reading to find out the best iPadOS 16 features we can't wait to try. 6. Reference Mode Reference Mode is a bittersweet new feature. On the one hand, it's a great new way to see real colors on your iPad, but on the other hand, it's a feature exclusive to the M1 iPad Pro. Reference Mode lets you use the Liquid Retina XDR display on the M1 iPad Pro to deliver and see more accurate reference colors. If you're someone who works with color grading, composing, and other video formats that require the color and quality to remain the same, you're going to love this feature. What's best is that Reference mode will also work with Sidecar. This means you can connect your iPad Pro to your Mac and use it as a secondary reference display. You can create your own professional setup just with your Mac and iPad. 5. Collaboration If you're always on FaceTime meetings with your coworkers or clients trying to figure out the next step for your big project, you're going to want to use Collaboration. Collaboration is a new iPadOS 16 feature that'll help you communicate and interact with other people without having to be in the same room. You can talk to people and let them interact with your apps, whether you're showing them a website on Safari or boasting about the charts you made on the Numbers app. What's best is that people will be able to interact with your apps too. They can collaborate and add notes, tasks, or reminders if they need to. Apple confirms that this feature will work on apps like Safari, Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, and Reminders. But it also said third-party apps would be supported as well, albeit we don't know which apps are going to be included at first. 4. Freeform Freeform is another cool tool that'll help you brainstorm your favorite ideas with your friends, family, and coworkers. Freeform is pretty much a whiteboard everyone in a group can interact with. This feature will show a canvas that you or the other people in your group can use to start to share their ideas with everyone. Apple says Freeform's canvas is "limited only by your imagination," so you'll have the chance to pretty much do whatever you want, including the basics like writing, typing, or drawing. But you'll also be able to share and embed images, video, audio, PDF files, links, and any other type of documents. You'll be able to see it all in real-time, and you won't even have to exit Freeform to preview the links. Freeform will be a great way to let your friends, family, or teammates get creative when you need to plan your next project or vacation.

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