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Gryphon Routers By Ric Getter There are few things that have been more of a blessing and a curse for parents than the internet. On one hand, it opens up a universe of age-appropriate learning and entertainment. On the other hand, that entertainment can be a distraction from learning. And we don’t need to detail all the other potential pitfalls. Added to their other duties, parents need to take on the role network administrators and security specialists to keep their kids focused when they need be, as well as safe. Gryphon found a unique solution that takes some tried and true techniques from enterprise IT and makes them accessible enough to manage for a non-techie. The result is one of the most family-friendly wireless routers on the market. The Gryphon AX is a powerful WiFi router that serves homes large and small. Being the latest generation technology, WiFi 6, means that more connections makes less of an impact on performance. It makes use of mesh network technology, so additional units can be placed throughout the home to bring all those bars to all your rooms. Gryphon sent us two to try out at home, a sixties-era split-level that is not especially huge, but with a lot of signal-absorbing wood and plaster.

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