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8 Apple Watch Shortcuts and Tricks You Never Knew By Tyler Lacoma The Apple Watch may be one of Apple’s smallest devices, but you’ll be amazed by everything it can do. The Watch packs a ton of small, useful features behind its touchscreen and simple controls – some you may not even know about. So we’re taking a look at the best-hidden features that make the Apple Watch easier to use. Read on to discover 8 Apple Watch Shortcuts and Tricks You Never Knew. 8. Instantly Mute Sounds Sound notifications can be handy for things like getting alerts when you are working out, but they can be very annoying in other situations, like during meetings or when you're in movie theaters. Instead of turning sounds on and off, there’s a much easier solution. Head into the Apple Watch app, and go to the Sounds & Haptics section. Here, you’ll find an option called Cover to Mute. When this is enabled, when you cover your Watch face, and it will instantly mute any sound, helping to keep those small annoyances at bay. 7. Wake the Watch to Your Last App Lift or jostle your Apple Watch, and the screen will wake to show you the time and any notifications. But if you are using a specific app intermittently to check on a status or manage messages, etc., this can get a little annoying since you have to unlock the screen every time. Fortunately, there’s a way to change this. Go to Settings, then General, then Wake Screen. Here you’ll find options to automatically wake your Watch up to the last app that you were using. You can set it only to do this if you used the app in the last couple of minutes or increase the delay to up to an hour. 6.Manually Set Your Watch Clock Ahead Would you prefer being a bit earlier to…well, everything? In the Apple Watch Settings, you’ll see the Time option up top. In this section, you’ll be able to add minutes to your clock so that it will always show a later time. Add five minutes, and you won’t have to worry about being a little too late to classes, meetings, and so on. This only affects the time shown on your Watch face – alerts, international times, and other important information will still show the real-time. 5. Create Default Replies for Your Messages

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