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Apple Just Released a New Firmware Update for AirPods 3 | What’s Changed? By Jesse Hollington If you’ve been having problems with Apple’s latest AirPods 3, you may be in luck, as the company has just released one of its typically quiet firmware updates that appears to be specifically for that model. AirPods firmware updates normally fly under the radar unless you’re paying very close attention. Apple doesn’t announce them, nor will your iPhone, iPad, or Mac pop up a message letting you know that one is available. Instead, you just keep using your AirPods like you normally would, and eventually, the new firmware update just gets installed silently in the background. There’s nothing you can do to speed it up, and there’s also nothing you can do to prevent it — at least not short of avoiding ever connecting your AirPods to your iPhone again. Unfortunately, these stealthy updates also don’t give us any direct insight into what Apple has actually changed. Not only are these updates devoid of any release notes, but Apple doesn’t admit anywhere on its support site that AirPods even have upgradeable firmware in the first place, much less what firmware version you should be running. So, the only clue you’ll ever get when it comes to your AirPods firmware is a version number that can be found buried in the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can check this to see what AirPods firmware you’re running, and thanks to folks like us who pay attention to such things, find out if you have the latest version. What’s in an AirPods Firmware Update? Again, while we can’t really tell what’s new in any given AirPods firmware update,

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