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Asia Ladowska In this issue of MacDirectory, we bring you Asia Ladowska. Known for her beautiful sketches and drawings, the talented artist inspires over 1 million followers on social media and counting. We chatted with Asia to find out more. Where did your initial interest in art come from? I feel like my parents tried to find out carefully about things I liked to do when I was a child - they signed me up for piano, dance, English, swimming lessons, as well as painting and handicraft activities in a local cultural centre. There seemed to be things I liked to do more than others - well, I cried and ran away when being dragged to dance lessons and loved painting. So, the idea came from my parents. If I wanted to, I could go to art school, which I did. How has your art career developed and how did social media play a role in it? I have to admit social media has played the biggest role in my career development and in almost every step of it. During a job interview, the manager told me that they googled my name and they were impressed that I had over 3 thousand followers on my Facebook art page, which is how I got my first job as a graphic designer. Currently, being a freelance artist, almost all of my income comes from people and clients that found me on social media. A really, really small portion comes from my book sales. However, publishing the book was only possible thanks to the support of people coming from social media to my Kickstarter page. I am incredibly grateful for all the support I have received throughout the years.

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