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Need a Kickstart for Your Font Project? Use a Free Template Font Words by FontLab In the last few years, professional type designers from around the world have made many of their fonts available free of charge. You may have used or seen Roboto, Lato, Open Sans, Montserrat or Oswald in a publication or on a website. But the great thing about these fonts is not just that they’re free, but they’re open source. This means that their creators have published not just the final OpenType fonts that you can install and use, but also the sources. Font sources are like master tapes for music or negatives for photography. They contain extra information which does not make it into the final exported fonts. So if you’ve been thinking about creating your own font, an open-source font can guide you from the get-go. One such collection, the “GetGo Fonts for FontLab” is a carefully curated collection of 99 free template fonts that you can study, modify or re-use in your own type design. You may create your own fonts based on these fonts, and you may incorporate portions of these fonts into your own fonts. Each GetGo font is available under one of three licenses: CC-0 (public domain), Apache or OFL.

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