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Bullish on Beta As you probably noticed, a lot of what we talked about is available now in “public beta.” How exactly does that work? We hear a lot more about Apple’s public beta and they generally require a leap of faith, dedicating some hardware device to the new experience. Adobe’s takes a good deal less courage. They install alongside the production versions; both are always available to you. If you’re hoping to use the new features in a real project, it is always worth running some tests and seeing if the current production can open and edit the file created in the public beta. (Quite often, files from new versions of Adobe’s video products aren’t backward compatible.) Keep in mind that it’s not easy to predict when the beta features will get their bona fides and appear in a release version, though a lot of thatappens around MAX in the fall and in the spring (NAB time for the video folks). The features released I the public betas almost always materialize, but not always in the same form. They may be enhanced or tempered by user (your) feedback. And, of course, though they’re generally solid enough not to break things, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be bug-free. Regardless of the caveats, Adobe has successfully spiced up our summer with some pleasant surprises. And this will give you some time to learn what promises to be the best captioning workflow in the business and start busting some new moves for your full-body puppets.

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