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Getting to Know DaVinci - Part 2 By Ric Getter In our last issue, we dived into Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve for video editing, but in reality Resolve is a full post-production suite. This time, we’re going to take a look at how it handles audio, color and effects. How Resolve handles audio is just a little different than other editing software suites. When we move on to color and more advanced effects, it becomes a lot different. But we’ll save that for a little later and start out with Fairlight audio, a legendary name in the business that found a new life as part of Resolve. What’s unique about Fairlight audio compared to products from the other companies we may be more familiar with is that it’s totally focused on a film and video workflow. There’s still room for your favorite digital audio workstation (DAW), but it’s place is upstream from Fairlight. There are enough tools in the Resolve Edit pages to get a decent sound mix for YouTube if that’s all you’re after. But if you’re able to spend the time, Fairlight can get the kind of results you need for theatrical-quality work. Keep in mind, this isn’t just referring to the complexity of the sound, it’s also the clarity, which can just as important for a corporate marketing piece as it is for a summer Hollywood blockbuster. The nice thing about Fairlight is that it has been tailored over the years to provide the most control and best results with the least effort.

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