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Excellent Accessories You’ll Want for Your Brand-New 2021 Apple iPad Pro BY SERGIO VELASQUEZ After it was announced in April, Apple made us wait to see in-person what their latest iPad has to offer. But soon, the 2021 iPad Pro with Apple’s M1 processor will finally be arriving on doorsteps. The 2021 iPad Pro will be the first iPad to ever come with Apple Silicon – this means Apple’s plans to turn the iPad into a true laptop competitor are more of a reality now. Of course, the iPad Pro by itself can’t be a complete laptop replacement. You’ll still need to buy a keyboard, a trackpad, or something that has both. Before your brand new iPad Pro arrives (or if you want to equip the one you currently have) you’ll need to add these accessories to turn your iPad Pro into your new laptop. 1. Apple Magic Keyboard Remember how we mentioned you needed a keyboard to turn your iPad into a laptop? Well, the Apple Magic Keyboard is the absolute best way to do it. This works as a case and a keyboard, and it offers the best experience when typing on your iPad and even features a trackpad that provides new ways of working with the iPad’s operating system. With the Magic Keyboard, you’ll feel you’re using a regular MacBook because it also features backlit keys and a USB-C charging port, so you can use your iPad’s port to plug in your flash drive and continue working. It also offers back and front protection, albeit it’s not the sturdiest one. Still, it’ll protect your iPad from scratches and maybe even a light drop. One of the best parts is adjusting between the different viewing angles to find the perfect spot. Additionally, since it keeps your iPad attached because of

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