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iPad and Mac's Coolest New Trick Is Called 'Universal Control' (Here's How It Works) BY SERGIO VELASQUEZ Apple kicked off WWDC with a bang this year and not only showed us a preview of all the cool software updates that are coming to iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but it also shared a sneak peek of a bunch of new features; and by far the most remarkable feature (that no one expected) is Universal Control. Universal Control feature lets you “connect” your iPad to your Mac instantly, almost as if it’s magic. Universal Control will be the next step in productivity, and it’ll be a must-have feature for many professionals. Still, there are some things you need to know about what you can and cannot do. Here’s what you need to know about Universal Control. What’s Universal Control? • Universal Control is a new wireless (or wired) feature coming to the iPad and Mac computers that will let you connect your Mac and iPad to use them with a single mouse and keyboard. • Universal Control is similar to working with two monitors, except it’s two or more separate devices (like a MacBook and an iPad) that will connect so you can drag-and-drop files, pictures, and more. How Does Universal Control Work? In true Apple fashion, Universal Control won’t need any extra effort or extra equipment. You’ll only need to put your devices near each other, and they’ll know you want to pair them. Or better said, they’ll assume that you want to. You just need to put two or three devices close enough for their Bluetooth modules to activate, basically, and once they’re close enough, simply move your Mac cursor to the edge of your screen, either left or right, and your Mac will assume that you want to use Universal Control. When you move your cursor a little beyond the edge of the screen, your devices trigger a direct Wi-Fi connection, and the cursor moves to the other device. You’ll know it’s working because a small bar will appear on your iPad. This bar will help you better align your Mac cursor on your iPad, and you’ll need to move the cursor a little farther so you can start using it on your iPad. Of course, this happens in a matter of seconds, and you don’t need to do anything other than moving your cursor into

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