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4 New Windows 11 Features Mac Owners May (or May Not) Be Jealous Of BY SERGIO VELASQUEZ Windows has always been hit or miss when it comes to software updates. However, Windows 11 seems to be packed with everything a Windows user could ask for. Heck, it even features things that we Mac users might enjoy. Sure, macOS Monterey is a significant update and it’s packed with cool new features that’ll keep us busy for quite a while. But in a world where companies copy or “borrow” features from each other all the time, it’s always great to look at the competition to see what else we could get in the future. From better ways to multitask to a customizable Start Menu, continue reading to browse four new Windows 11 features we want on our Macs. 4. Android Apps for Everyone Perhaps the biggest new thing Windows 11 brings to the table is that people can now install Android apps on their computers. Sound familiar? Of course, Apple added a similar feature, too, just last year. But there’s one tiny problem: You need to buy an M1 Mac for it to work. Even though not every Windows computer will be able to install Windows 11, if you have a fairly new computer, you’ll be able to access all the Android apps Amazon and Microsoft have to offer. There may not be many at first, but hey, at least they can run smartphone apps while some of us with Intel-based Macs can’t just yet. 3. Snap Groups Multitasking features have been around for who knows how long, but Microsoft just took it one step further with

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