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Happy Together Words by FontLab Font design is often a solo project, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it makes sense to divide up the work. Maybe you need multiple hands to meet a deadline; you hire a specialist to do, say, the kerning; or maybe you have a small group with a design idea on which you want to collaborate. However, group work has its challenges. In our current work-from-home environment you can’t just pop your head over the cubicle wall to ask your co-worker to dot the i’s or cross the t’s. In fact, your co-worker might be in Paris or New Delhi or Shanghai. You need an efficient way for everyone on the team to keep everyone else up to date on the progress of the font. Fortunately there are a bunch of tools to help: flags, tags, notes and stickers. In the usual collaborative project the font work file would be kept on a central repository like GitHub. When a team member wants to work on the font they retrieve a copy of the latest version of the file and do their thing. When done they “push” the new version to the repository.

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