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3 - Erase data after 10 failed passcode attempts If you’re worried about someone trying to guess your passcode, you can also configure your iPhone to erase all data after 10 failed login attempts. This setting is what caused so much friction between Apple and the FBI a while back, because it renders many commercial device hacking tools useless: after 10 failed passcode guesses, the device just erases itself. If the authorities get in after that, all they’ll see is an iPhone that has been reset to its factory default condition. Note that if you go with this option you definitely want to have a backup of your data somewhere, so it isn’t lost forever if a child or a bored friend decides to play with your phone. To enable this setting, go to Settings Face ID & Passcode, and scroll all the way down to find the Erase Data toggle. Toggle this switch to On and your device will auto-erase after 10 failed logins. So what does this all mean for your security? Is your iPhone data actually protected, or is this Johns Hopkins study something you need to worry about? For most users, this research doesn’t really change much: the kind of attacks described in the study are only ever used by sophisticated cybercriminals and government agencies. For everyday users concerned with their personal security and privacy, our advice is to focus on the same best practices they always have: use strong passcodes, update your OS in a timely fashion, and only click on links from trusted sources. About SecureMac Founded in 1999, SecureMac has been a leading contributor to Apple security since the 2005 release of the original MacScan anti-malware tool. In the years since, SecureMac has continued to play an essential role in providing macOS users with straightforward options for better security. From the development of the faster and more powerful MacScan 3 to the company's ongoing development of online privacy tool PrivacyScanm users can easily equip themselves for protection. With the addition of The Checklist, SecureMac continues to showcase a deep commitment to accessible security and the importance of digital awareness for all Mac users. For more info, visit

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