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1 - Emergency SOS mode The iPhone has an Emergency SOS function that can also be used to lock down a phone in a hurry — useful in situations where you think someone may try to physically force you to unlock your device with biometrics. If you hold down the volume up button and the power button for a few seconds, your device will display the Emergency SOS option (but don’t actually swipe on the SOS button unless you really want to call emergency services). Once you’ve done this, even if you cancel out of that screen, your phone can no longer be unlocked without a passcode. 2 - Alphanumeric passcodes Many device hacking tools rely on guessing passcodes (which is why overly simplistic numeric passcodes are dangerous: 1-1-1-1-1-1 or 1-2-3-4-5-6 is the first thing someone will guess!). To be honest, a good 6-digit numeric passcode is perfectly adequate for most people, but if you want some extra security, create a custom alphanumeric password: something with letters, numbers, and special characters. This is less convenient than a simple numeric passcode, but it’s far stronger, because it’s much harder to guess. To do this, go to Settings Face ID & Passcode Change Passcode. After you enter your old passcode, you’ll see the words Enter your new passcode along with the default option of choosing a 6-digit numeric passcode — but if you click on the words Passcode Options, you’ll be presented with a Custom Alphanumeric Code option. Click on this to create your new strong passcode.

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