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Apple’s Mini LED iPad Pro Is Coming, But What Is Mini LED and Who Is It For? BY TYLER LACOMA The latest rumors suggest that Apple is gearing up for an early 2021 release of a new iPad Pro – and this one will feature one of Apple’s first mini LED displays. While it’s not guaranteed, this is the sort of rumor that’s very likely and fits well within Apple’s ongoing plans. Let’s take a look at what that new display screen means and who should be interested in buying it. Mini LED vs. MicroLED Since display panel names can quickly grow confusing, we’re starting with a point that will help clarify some terms. Mini LED refers to a specific Apple-based technology that uses LED backlighting diodes less than 0.2 millimeters across. That’s….very small. This means these displays have an incredible number of dimming zones they can manage, which means very accurate blacks, sharp edges, and excellent brightness when needed. Contrast and color on these screens are likely to be better than any similar-sized display Apple has produced before – it could also use less power and allow for even thinner (if possible) iPad designs. Don’t get that confused with MicroLED! While the names are similar, MicroLED is a brand name from Samsung given to new TV technology. This tech creates modular LEDs that are incredibly small but emissive, which means they produce their own light like OLED instead of producing it through a panel to create color. MicroLED is only being used on very large Samsung TVs right now, and it will be years before it’s even available to the

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