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You Can Now Run Select iPhone Apps on Your M1 Mac! Here Are Six to Try BY SERGIO VELASQUEZ The latest M1 Mac computers took the world by storm when they first were announced. Not only was this a massive change for developers, but for users as well. Apple promises that M1 Macs will perform better, and the battery inside its MacBooks will last longer than ever before. And even though all that might be true, the most significant change for many regular users is that you can now install and use iPhone and iPad apps right on your new M1 Mac. And if you already have an M1 Mac, but you’re not using this feature, you’re clearly missing out. There are already hundreds of iPhone apps available on the App Store for you to try. Mind you, not every iPhone app supports M1 Macs, at least not for now. That’s up for the developer to decide. Still, many developers have already made the jump into the Mac world. • An easy way to find out which of your iPhone or iPad apps are available on your new M1 Mac is to open your App Store on your Mac, search the app you want and click on iPhone and iPad Apps. • Another way is to search for a specific app and scroll down to the compatibility section. You should see if the app supports Macs with the Apple M1 chip. If you don’t even know where to begin, though, we’re here to help. Continue reading to browse six great iPhone apps, as well as some games you need to try on your M1 Mac. 6. Castbox When it comes to listening to podcasts, very few apps can compete against Castbox, one of the best podcast players on the App Store. And now you can use it on your Mac too! Castbox has millions of podcasts, FM radio stations, and even audiobooks available for you to try. It doesn’t matter if you’re into drama, politics, or personal development; there’s always something for you. And, if you just want something to play in the background, Castbox also has white noise and relaxing meditation podcasts available. Castbox already works really well on iPhone, but now you can set it up on your Mac and forget about the world around you while you work or just relax. 5. HBO Max Sadly, not every streaming service has optimized their iPhone app to work on the M1 Macs, but if you’re an HBO Max user, then you’re one of the lucky ones. And if you’re thinking about getting HBO Max, now is a perfect time. Not only does it have some of the best movies available on its platform, including the newest Wonder Woman 1984, and the classic film Die Hard, but you can now use it on your M1 Mac with a simple click. 4. Apollo for Reddit As of right now, Reddit itself hasn’t made its own iPhone app available on the M1 Mac. However, that won’t stop you

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