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screen brightness), and you may also notice that your phone is running slower than usual. If the shutdown appears to be a one-time event, you can choose the “Disable…” option to turn Performance Management off. Otherwise, leave it on and start looking into replacing your battery. 2. iOS Can’t Check Battery Health This typically happens when the battery is worn out or malfunctioning, and your iPhone can’t get a read on it at all. It’s a definite sign that you need to take your iPhone into an Apple Store for repair or replacement. Apple will even give you service options right there in the Performance section. 1. Important Battery Message This notification is displayed when Apple can’t verify your battery. It’s usually a sign that you are trying to using a knockoff battery in your iPhone instead of an Apple-certified version. This is dangerous, as it can cause overheating, power surges and fires. Don’t allow this message show up in the first place by using Apple-certified batteries only. So, what does your battery health look like? Do you see any of the warning signs we mentioned previously? We’re especially curious about how the latest iPhone batteries are holding up – and if they’re still going as strong as they should be. The capacity for the latest iPhones should still be in the high 90s. Sound off in the comments to let us know.

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