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Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health Now (Here’s What Your Results Mean) BY TYLER LACOMA Since iOS 11.3, iPhones have had the ability to diagnose their own battery health and overall performance. To see your results, follow these simple steps: 1. Open Settings. 2. Then tap Battery. 3. Finally, tap Battery Health. Here you’ll see different messages that will give you more insight into your battery’s health. Let’s take a closer look and discuss what your battery health readings mean. 6. Maximum Capacity 100% 100% means that the battery can reach a full charge, holding as much power as possible. Newer batteries should be at maximum capacity. The rating is directly related to the chemical integrity of the battery, and how many hours of activity the battery will give you before it runs out and needs to be recharged. 5. Battery Capacity Less Than 100% This is a sign of an older battery that’s losing its ability to charge fully. But that’s okay – it’s natural for batteries to hold less power as they get older, that’s just a limitation of battery technology in general. Apple batteries, in particular, are designed to hold at least 80% of their maximum capacity throughout 500 cycles. If you see your battery dropping below 80%, that’s a good sign it’s getting worn out and needs to be replaced with a new version soon. This will usually be accompanied by a message in the Performance section that says, “Battery health degraded.” 4. This iPhone Has Experienced an Unexpected Shutdown This notification usually means that your iPhone had to reboot due to a problem with the battery. If the battery’s power cuts off unexpectedly or a similar problem occurs, then your phone will do an emergency shutdown. It’s a sign that you should keep an eye on battery performance and look for anything unusual. This may have been caused by a one-time issue, like your iPhone overheating in the sun, etc. However, if your phone unexpectedly shuts down again with the same message, and you don’t see any additional information, then you should probably take the iPhone to a professional for a closer look. 3. Performance Management Has Been Applied This message means that the iPhone is carefully controlling battery operation to prevent another shutdown. It usually shuts down or changes basic functions (like dimming the

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