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Bored with Your Apple Watch? You’ll Want to Try These 7 Excellent Apps BY SERGIO VELASQUEZ Whether you’re a fitness junkie or you just want to keep better track of your health, the Apple Watch is an essential tool to help you reach your goals. That being said, the Apple Watch has many other capabilities that most people don’t realize. Searching for apps using the Apple Watch isn’t the most rewarding experience, however, there are many apps you can download to make the Apple Watch an even more useful device in your life. You can even download and play games right on your wrist. There are many to choose from, but continue reading to browse our top picks for the best Apple Watch apps and games you should try right now. 7. Trivia Crack When talking about addictive games, Trivia Crack is at the top of the list. You’ve probably played this game before, but you can now do it on your Apple Watch! If you haven’t played it, the premise is simple. You start a match with a friend or someone anywhere in the world, and you start answering questions. You need to have at least one correct answer in every category. The first one to fill every category wins. Playing on the Apple Watch makes the game even easier to pick up, but it’ll keep you hooked for a longer time. Overall, it’s simple but addictive, and it’ll put your general knowledge to the test. Sure, there is already a Trivia Crack 2, but sadly that one isn’t available on the Apple Watch yet. The bright side is that Trivia Crack has all the addictive fun you need on your wrist. 6. Spotify Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know what Spotify is, but have you tried it on your Apple Watch yet? The Spotify App on Apple Watch used to be really bad.

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