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Warmth For Every Layer Icebreaker By Thomas Bender When it comes to warm winter wear, merino wool is hard to beat. This naturally occurring insulator keeps merino sheep warm all year round in their wet and rugged environments. No base layers, synthetic shells, or weather apps, just the natural qualities of the wool. Icebreaker uses merino wool throughout their products and have established their base layers and outerwear as some of the best insulators around for outdoor adventures. From underwear to gloves, socks to sweaters, they’ve got a way to keep any part of your body warm in the coldest of temperatures. They also offer a collection of fashionable outerwear and everyday apparel that leverages those same merino wool qualities to keep you warm inside and around town. The Merino Waypoint Crewe Sweater was probably my most worn item of the winter last year, so I was thrilled to pick up its half zip brother this year, the Merino Waypoint Long Sleeve Half Zip Top. The Waypoint sweaters are incredibly warm and soft, without feeling bulky or space-age. It makes sense, given their natural origins, but the power of merino keeps the Waypoint lightweight and warm at the same time. The reason the Waypoint sweaters get so much wear from me is that they are light and warm, but don’t look like you are out on the trail or about to join the Iditarod (no offense intended for any sled dogs out there!). They have a brilliantly soft, natural texture that I keep petting even as I type this, and the sweaters exhibit equal attention to form and function. Ribbing along the wrist cuffs, waist and neck keep things trim, while an awesome knit pattern around the shoulders provides just enough variety to stand out from the rest of the sweater without changing the material or color. The Half Zip Top includes a generously protected dark metal zipper and a two-inch neck for extra warmth. I know when my heat is about to kick on when I have to zip all the way up! The Crewe, on the other hand, has a traditional crew neckline with a much smaller collar, but still features the same shoulder knit pattern that I love. While the Waypoint is one of Icebreaker’s thicker sweaters, it’s thin enough to wear under a jacket, keeping you extra toasty out on the trail. It’s flexibility and inherently soft feel would be welcome on any hike. Speaking of jackets, when a sweater isn’t enough, the MerinoLoft Collingwood Hooded Jacket is standing by. At the heart of the Collingwood Hooded Jacket is merino wool insulation. It’s lightweight, warm, and has a few other properties worth mentioning. The most important is that it retains its thermal properties when

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