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Fully Customize Your MacBook’s Touch Bar with These 5 Tricks By Sergio Velasquez One of the most polarizing features on the most recent MacBook Pro models has to be the Touch Bar. To this day some people still dislike the idea of losing the function keys and needing to use a small touch screen instead. While they might have a point, there’s no denying that the Touch Bar offers a bunch of cool and useful functions and shortcuts that you couldn’t get with a regular keyboard. Whether you like it or not, there’s one thing for sure: the Touch Bar is here to stay. So you better make good use of it. The Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro is really helpful. You can customize it to have your favorite shortcuts right at your fingertips. If you don’t even know where to begin, here are the best tips and tricks to master the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro. 5. Add or Remove Shortcuts in Different Apps The Touch Bar has a bunch of different shortcuts based on which App you currently working on. The best part is that you can customize it to adjust to your preferences. Here’s how 1. Open the app of your choice, in the menu bar click View. 2. Click on Customize Touch Bar. 3. The items on your Touch Bar will begin to jiggle. Use your Cursor to rearrange the items to your liking. 4. You can also drag icons from your screen and drop them your Touch Bar. 5. To remove items from your Touch Bar, all you need to do is drag them up and out of the Touch Bar. 6. Click on Done on your MacBook when you finish. 4. Customize Your Control Strip Just like the Touch Bar, you can also customize your

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