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Piotr Rusnarczyk The Master of 3D Portraiture Art Courtesy of Keyshot, Images by Piotr Rusnarczyk MacDirectory is proud to feature the amazing creative work of Piotr Rusnarczyk. The Polish artist explains the production process behind his creative portrait 3D works. What first sparked your interest in digital concept art? I believe the first spark was struck when I attended the Polish Academy of Arts in Cracow. Using computers daily, introduced technology to my work. It became a tool for me, just as a brush or a pencil. I remember my first attempts at Photoshop. The possibilities regarding layering were breathtakingly endless. In those days, computers weren’t exactly an ubiquitous item here in Poland–Many of my fellow students kept their distance from it all. I was bored stiff by traditional engraving courses, so I would often skip those and spend hours in the computer lab. I could sense the potential computers had for creating visuals; How full of creative possibilities. My first one was a Power Macintosh G3. This was around the time when Pixar produced their first short movies Angry Birds and Geri’s Game, just after Steve Jobs had bought Pixar in 1986. Those shorts made a huge impact on me. From then on, I knew creating 3D graphics was what I wanted to do for a living. The next breakthrough came when I saw the Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within. This movie shook me real good. I had been studying photography at the time, focused on finding a renderer which would allow me to create a virtual photo atelier. My graduation work was a mix of photography and 3D rendering. It was called Twelve Dreams and consisted of female silhouettes in surreal surroundings.

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