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Feature: Adobe Max 2020 Part 1 Inspiration By Ric Getter The bottom-line goals of company-sponsored conferences are generally to inspire brand loyalty and get customers to buy and use more product. And we would be naïve to think that these weren’t part of Adobe’s intent as they continued the Macromedia MAX tradition in 2005. But artists and creators aren’t necessarily techies or businesspeople. Their buying power is limited, Adobe’s products are simply their tools, and they each artist has their own creative needs and goals. On top of that, many of Adobe’s products are already considered the best in their class and the standard for a majority of shops, so there’s more going on than customer commitment and brand loyalty. Creativity and Justice for All Adobe has always found a way (many ways, actually) to take MAX beyond the typical tech conference. It is a celebration of the arts and a way of rapidly

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