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Finding, Protecting, and Innovating Ekster By Claudia Paredes Ekster strives to make peoples’ lives easier, but their products are more than just practical…they are made with premium materials, they are elegant, and innovative. Ekster made their name by updating a classic accessory, the wallet, but since that success, they have been reimagining the way customers use other essentials. The Parliament Wallet, their flagship product, is a smart wallet that you will never lose again thanks to the Tracker Card that slips right in alongside your credit cards, and allows you to track its whereabouts—anywhere in the world. It’s very simple, and to be honest, I’m surprised I haven’t been using it all along. It’s more than an emergency measure just in case your wallet gets stolen (of course, that is a primary use), it’s also very useful when you can’t find your wallet because it’s hiding in between the couch cushions. This way you won’t think you left it at work or at the grocery store—you’ll know it’s somewhere at home. You can use your phone, Alexa, Siri, or Google Home to find your wallet when you need it the most. It might sound like a bulky feature, but Ekster has done a superb job in keeping the wallet slim enough for your skinny jeans. Additionally, there are no special cords to worry about losing for charging the tracker card – it is self-charging via the solar panel on one side of the tracker card itself. You will be able to hold up to 12 cards, and with a simple push mechanism, the cards spring from the top in a fan-like matter. This quick card access mechanism will save you precious minutes at the cash register. No more fumbling through your wallet. It also looks super cool. Additionally, the wallet has RFID blocking technology, to prevent your information from getting stolen. Ekster makes more than just wallets - they also make products to protect your smart devices, like your MacBook or iPad. The Laptop Sleeve is more than just a sleeve, it actually comes with elastic pockets where you can store you charger, mouse, stylus, and even a small notepad. Designed for 13-inch laptops, this sleeve will keep your laptop protected at all times thanks to the soft padding. The magnetic enclosure makes it very easy to open and close, and it’s very slim, so you can slide it inside any bag, or simply carry it around the office or campus. It’s a good-looking sleeve, so you’ll want to show it off! Whether you’re looking to protect your belongings or simply need an extra hand finding them, Ekster is here to help. For more information, visit:

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