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iPad Pro vs. iPad Air: Which One of Apple's Tablets Is Best for You? By Sergio Velasquez The iPad Air was always regarded as the best of both worlds. It had impressive performance while still featuring a lower price than the iPad Pro. However, no matter how you looked at it, the iPad Air always fell short when compared to its bigger brothers: the 11-inch and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Before, if you really wanted to work like a professional you’d need to go for the bigger, more expensive devices. But this year, Apple made significant changes to the iPad Air and it’s now one of the best iPads available. A class-leading chip, a USB-C port, and second-generation Apple Pencil support previously made the iPad Pro the obvious choice for people who want a small device without any compromises in performance. But this year Apple changed the game as the company took the iPad Air a step even further. Now, if you look at the 2020 iPad Air, you’ll think you’re looking at some sort of iPad Pro mini. This year’s iPad Air brings everything that makes the iPad Pro models great and more. And now that you can finally preorder the iPad Air, we’re starting to wonder, is the 2020 iPad Pro still worth buying? Or should you go for the more affordable and up-to-date iPad Air, which costs $200 less? That’s what we’re about to find out. 2020 iPad Pro vs. 2020 iPad Air Design Apple completely redesigned the iPad Air this year. At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the newly designed iPad Air and the 2020 iPad Pro. Apple decided to ditch the Home button on the iPad Air and make the display bigger. You might think this means the iPad Air has Face ID now, right? Actually, no. It still has Touch ID, but instead of placing the sensor on the front, Apple moved it to the Power button. While Apple isn’t the first company to put a fingerprint scanner on the power button, it is the first time we’ve seen it on an iPad. Sadly, Apple didn’t add Face ID as well. It’d be nice to have both features in the same device, but this would’ve likely raised the price. It’d also be great if Apple implemented this feature in more devices since Touch ID is a feature a lot of people miss on the current iPhone lineup, especially since most of us are still covering our faces when we go out. But I digress.. For now, you’ll have to make a choice. If you love Face ID, you’ll need to get one of the iPad Pro models. On the other hand, the new Touch ID sensor on the iPad Air is the first of its kind for any iPad, or Apple product for that matter. We still need to see the iPad Air’s Touch ID in action to see if it’s as good as the one on the Home button. One thing is for sure, though. If you miss this feature, the 2020 iPad Air should be your go-to iPad. Another change you’ll notice right off the bat is the introduction of a USB-C port for the first time on the iPad Air. This used to be exclusive to the iPad Pro lineup, but it was a nice surprise to see that Apple decided to implement it on the iPad Air as well. So now you can

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