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win your affection. For us, it was replacing all those little sliders with knobs that were far more comfortable and accurate to control. The big jobs would be handled by the big knob, with its ability to quickly change functions and offer ultra-fine control when you need it most.. The big knob also makes a super jog/ shuttle control for video and audio editing. The round 4 and 5 buttons, just above the dial are as conveniently located as edit IN and OUT markers as you'll find on any edit system. The square arrow buttons to the right of the wheel offer frame navigation and the ability to jump around the sequence. In a different mode, the shuttle wheel zooms in and out of the sequence, quickly and controllably. And Loupedeck must have been reading this editor's mind when they assigned a knob to accurately adjust track heights—a task for which our mouse was never a true friend. After a while, it will finally dawn on most of you that the Loupedeck is simply a better way of working with the application. It may take you a while to get back to the speed you had with a keyboard and mouse. But you won't be there very long. You'll soon find yourself working far faster and with far less stress. Honestly, how the Loupedeck CT handles the interface for each of the applications would deserve a review of its own. (Loupedeck already covers several of them in separate, well-written, user guides). Even though you always have a way to tweak and customize the settings, you'll discover that their designers got things pretty close to perfect and it shouldn't take too much to personalize what it does for specific ways you work. Though it combines a collection of pretty-much off-the shelf technologies, still deserves credit for being a UI control breakthrough for creative pros, thanks to how ingeniously applied those technologies are. There are enough benefits and efficiencies to wean most users off their keyboards—though the transition may take a little time and effort, we think it will prove itself more than worthwhile. For more information, visit:

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