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By Tyler Lacoma If you're a parent of a younger child, screen time is definitely on your mind, especially when it comes to that incredibly useful iPad. On the one hand, you don't want too much use of the iPad to interfere with your kid's health, growth, or learning process. On the other hand, there are times when you'll do anything for 30 minutes of sweet sanity, and if that means plopping an iPad in your child's lap, then so be it. But what is the research really saying about kids playing around with devices like the iPad? Is there an iPad cut-off time or rules you should follow for the health of your kids? Is it just too early to let them use an iPad yet? We took a look at the latest studies, and here's what we found (and yes, some of the results may surprise you). 5. iPads May Be More Bene cial Than Reading Books Yes, that's right! When kids first started using iPads and other shiny screens, there wasn't really any data about what exactly that meant – just general anxiety that a screen was worse than, well, anything that's "not a screen." Now, a study recently published in the journal Developmental Psychology had enough data from years of tablets existing to study their ež ects on kids – and it found that iPad interaction can actually be better than reading a real-world book. That means kids reading on an iPad tested better for memory and comprehension compared to reading text on a page. The answer, which shouldn't surprise any parents out there, is all about interactivity. Absorbing information on

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