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7 Tips to Finally Replace Your Laptop with an iPad Pro By Tyler Lacoma Ever since the iPad Pro was first released, Apple has been working to shape it more and more into a laptop alternative. iPadOS was a big leap forward for that goal, and the powerful 2020 iPad Pros will likely be the most advantageous models yet for people who are looking to replace a bulk y laptop with a slimmer iPad model. But let's assume you're already thinking about making the switch. If you have plans to replace your older laptop with a new iPad Pro, it's a great time to do it, but you'll need to prepare first. Continue reading to browse our best tips for getting ready to put your iPad Pro to work – while being able to do ever y thing your laptop could before. 7. Get a Bluetooth Mouse iPadOS, to everyone's relief, finally brought support for Bluetooth devices like mice to the iPad. That means you can use your Bluetooth mouse for all of your daily tasks, albeit as an accessibility feature. If you have an old Bluetooth mouse that you love and doesn't need a USB port to work, then you are all set. If not, there are plenty of mouse options out there for you to search through to f ind one that works for you. Look specifically for mice that say they are compatible with iPadOS. 6. Start Looking for Keyboards This seems pretty obvious, right? In fact, you're probably planning to buy a keyboard along for your iPad anyway. But even if that's the case, keep your eyes open for new keyboards designed to work with the iPad Pro. Brands like Brydge are designing them to work specifically with the latest iPadOS updates, and a number of them are hitting the market

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