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Fresco painting is undoubtably one of the most unforgiving techniques of painting. The artist needs to be absolutely certain of what they're doing before committing it to the surface they are working and they must do it quickly. Once pigment meets plaster, it will be there for millennia. Fresco is a style as much as a medium. It has a certain distinct look and is literally attached to the surrounding architecture. It was also a medium that was only readily available to those who chose to make art their life's calling. That sums up what's behind our claim that Fresco is the most inappropriately named product in Adobe's history. Adobe Fresco is unquestionably one of the most flexible and versatile drawing and painting applications ever created. It supports a multitude of styles and media, and is accessible to both fledgling artists and the masters of their craft. More than that, it honors a diverse variety of artistic media developed throughout history. And Adobe is providing a very robust version of the program for free to everyone. Rain by Pascal Campion

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