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1999 SecureMac founded SecureMac is founded by Nicholas Raba as the first centralized Mac security news and information portal — a resource which simply didn't exist elsewhere at the time. 2005 MacScan released In response to growing public demand, SecureMac releases the first version of its flagship product, a macOS malware detection and removal tool called MacScan. 2007 Blacklisted tracking cookie feature SecureMac improves MacScan with a feature capable of detecting and removing blacklisted tracking cookies, an enhancement designed to protect Mac users' privacy. 2010 Boonana Trojan Discovered SecureMac makes a significant contribution to malware research by discovering and analyzing the Boonana Trojan — a critical security threat aimed at macOS users. 2012 PrivacyScan released SecureMac unveils its second major software offering, a tool designed to detect and remove privacy threats from macOS systems. 2013 More industry accolades for PrivacyScan PrivacyScan is once again honored for excellence in software development, this time being shortlisted for “Best Consumer Software” at the 2013 Macworld UK Awards. 2015 OSX/CoinThief.A discovered SecureMac’s malware research team continues to contribute to the world of malware research, this time discovering OSX/CoinThief.A, a Trojan designed to steal Bitcoin from Mac users. 2016 MacScan 3.0 released SecureMac releases a completely rebuilt version of their MacScan malware detection and removal tool — engineered to be lighter, faster, and more powerful than previous versions. 2016 First episode of The Checklist SecureMac debuts The Checklist, a weekly security podcast devoted to Apple news and updates as well as the in-depth discussion of digital security and privacy issues. 2019 The SecureMac Interview SecureMac launches an interview series with thought leaders and experts from the world of cybersecurity, with the aim of providing insider knowledge and perspectives to the site’s readers. 2020 Checklist hits 170 SecureMac’s Checklist Podcast marks 170 episodes, with regular hosts Ken “macOS Ken” Ray and August Tromter continuing to bring the show’s listeners news, updates, and commentary each Thursday. 2020 Malware research database project SecureMac undertakes a major expansion of its malware research database, a move designed to encourage knowledge sharing and cooperation in the third-party security research community.

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