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we need to say in order to get what we need done." Candice shares that Iris is a little more romantic and optimistic than she is. "Iris believes in Barry. I'm a little more human —sometimes I don't always see optimism in a situation, but she always does." Candice has learned a few things from Iris over the years. "I respect her tenacity, her ability to fight for what's right, no matter what. She is also human, one of the few humans on the show that we see. We never see her not having powers get in the way of helping. That's a big lesson I've learned in my life, that it doesn't matter how much access or money you have, if you want to help and do good, you should, and you do have the ability to do it." Iris doesn't normally have powers, but there is one episode where she does—and it was a whole new experience for Candice. "A lot of more exterior night shoots that I'm not used to," she chuckles. "It was really fun, one of the funnest times I've had on the show because there was so much action and so much to do." Candice has built her career mostly in television, and is no stranger to the pace of a television show. "Time is money so much on a television show. You have to get it because it's airing in one month. There is a tighter timeline with television, especially when shooting. As an actor, you don't spend as much time dissecting a character on set, you have to do all of that at home in your free time… There is something about film, when you are really taking your time and exploring every caveat of the story, you are discussing it with the director, getting into it with the other actors about what this scene means. It's just a little more hands-on and artistic. You can have those moments on television, but when you are shooting 22 episodes a season, it's a different machine." Candice would like to explore film more. "I'm looking forward to doing more slower-pace, film-type work," she says. "My instinct is to do something different." Being a part of the superhero world on television has allowed Candice to connect personally with fans at Comic-Con, and connect with fellow actors who find themselves in the same place she's in. It was a conversation with Caity Lotz from Legends that brought Shethority to life. The two found themselves connecting with fans at Comic-Con, listening to their incredible stories and felt a two- minute conversation wasn't enough. "There is only so much you can say in two minutes at a Comic-Con signing. We wanted to create a platform to encourage them, motivate them, for us to have a dialogue with them, and them have a dialogue with each other." Shethority is a safe place for women to have conversations, inspire, and connect with each other. When Candice is not filming in Vancouver, she's back in L.A. "I'm homesick all the time. I just want to be in the sunshine back at home." At home, Candice likes to live a normal life as much as she can. "I like to hangout in my apartment, hangout with my friends, go to escape rooms, go bowling, just hang out in my house watching movies," she says. And she doesn't go anywhere without Zoey, her two-year- old Maltipoo. Follow Candice on Instagram and Twitter: @CandicePatton and don't miss the return of The Flash on February 4th at 8 pm. Need to catch up? Stream the latest episodes on The CW for free.

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