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Senic strives to make life easier at home. Since 2013 they have been creating smart products that integrate with you in a more human way. Muse Blocks is one of their latest inventions. These stylish squares are here to instantly connect you to the digital content that is most important to you. They fit in the palm of your hand and weigh less than your wallet. What makes these blocks smart is the NFC chip that lives inside—that's what makes the magic happen. The NFC chip has the ability to save your favorite playlist directly from Spotify, or your favorite movie from Netflix. Then, simply bring your smartphone close to the block and watch it display on your phone immediately. Your phone won't even need to physically touch the block. The Muse Blocks sometimes feel like magic. It's one of the smartest tiles I've ever encountered, and it's super easy to use. You only really need a device that is NFC compatible and that's it. Once you've purchased the blocks download the Save NFC app. Then find the content that motivates you—you can customize each block to become a different muse. Maybe one block is for when you want to meditate, another for when you need to work, and another one for when you want to party. Once you've identified the content, simply copy the link—in the case of Spotify, each playlist has a link that lives under the share section—place the link on the NFC app, and then just glide your phone over it. Voila! Next time you want to access your favorite playlist, simply glide your phone over the tile where you've saved that playlist, and without the need to open any apps, your playlist will play for your phone. You can customize the tiles and turn them into a work of art—it's great wall art—or choose from 30 designs. Additionally, these are fairly inexpensive. Get three for $15. For more information, visit:

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