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Irig Mic Video A sound option for Iphone recording By Ric Getter With the current crop of multi-lens iPhones providing better video quality than a lot of consumer camcorders while leaving most webcams in the dust, they're becoming the video recording and webcasting devices of choice for more and more users. The phone's onboard mic is good, but it's not the greatest option for capturing anything more than ambient sound, close-in speech (or, we assume, making a phone call, if anyone still does that with them). IK Multimedia was one of the first audio accessory companies to recognize the potential of Apple's mobile devices for music and sound. The original iRig, an inline iOS-device interface for just about anything that used a guitar cable, let a whole lot of musicians start jamming and recording on their phones back in 2010. The current version is still going strong, in fact. A year later, they debuted the first handheld microphone made for iOS. And now the company is bringing the design skills they developed for musicians into the world of webcasting and video recording targeting a new generation of artists. The iRig Mic Video is the newest member of IK Multimedia's Creator Series tools for recording and webcasting. The iRig Mic Video is a shotgun-style mic with a narrow-ish (supercardioid) pickup pattern, designed to isolate the sound in front of the mic and reject as much as possible from behind it, making it ideal for field video recording as well as the occasional on-the-go voice-over. The sensitive electret condenser element is powered either by the device, USB, or an internal battery. Though the battery isn't included, inside the box you'll find a lot of other accessories (and IK Multimedia offers a Bundle version with even more).

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