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Cotopaxi designs products that are beautiful, useful, innovative and most importantly sustainable. One of my favorite product lines, which I believe is the embodiment of what Cotopaxi is all about, is the Del Día collection. This collection has backpacks, fanny packs, satchels, duffle bags— each one is not only colorful, but it has soul, it has character—and trust me, people will come up to you and ask you about it. I have done the testing with my trusted backpack, the Luzon del Día, which has travelled the world with me and received many compliments. Ever y thing in the Del Día collection is made from repurposed fabric, the Luzon (or Alpa or Batac) you get is unique blend of colors. Not many businesses could say you have a one of kind, but Cotopaxi has achieved that with the Del Día collection. The Del Día collection comes to life in a very unique way. As you can imagine it takes a dedicated team to put together one product. Cotopaxi wanted to empower their employees at the factories in the Philippines and allow them to let their creative juices loose. From the person who chooses the fabric, to the one who chooses the pat tern and does the screen printing, to the one who finally chooses the threads and materials they want to use —together they build something unique, ever y time. Cotopaxi did not want to create more waste when designing apparel. They are a company that is looking to do good—which is exactly what their slogan is. They want to fight poverty and give a better future to those who

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