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DC made a concerted effort to level the playing field for really good female superheroes and super villains. Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and Black Widow will be joined by some of the characters who are deeper in the Marvel archives including Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and She- Hulk – it's not easy being green. While Martin Scorsese doesn't think much of superhero movies, four of the top ten grossing films were from Marvel Studios, meaning they could become the lifeblood theaters need. Theatrical magic still attracts audiences. Even our kids don't even blink at spending two months of their streaming service budget for tickets and ridiculously expensive popcorn. Try as they might, the US theater market is no match for the Asian and other international markets -- China, South Korea and Japan. France, Germany, Mexico and Spain. Consumers have "discovered" that superheroes are the escape they need from political issues as well as political statements because they provide refreshing perspectives to all who stand up for peace, justice and the underdog. Superheroes will dominate the big screen this year but most of the attention (and action) is on the FAANGD (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Disney) and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) D2C (direct to consumer) work. It will prove to be a boon to indie filmmakers as streaming services focus on filling their rosters with a wide range of content that will appeal to people … everywhere. Most countries have laws that dictate that platforms must have 30 percent of the content produced locally. Initially, that

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