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New World Streaming Services Light Up Global Availability of Targeted Content By Andy Marken 2019 was just a warm-up but 2020 is really going to be the golden year of M&E. It will be the year of content directed /produced by females and an abundance of heroine leads. It will be the year graphic novels will keep theaters healthy. Just look at 2019's top-ten box office films being led by Disney's Marvel series. It will be the year streaming content providers will be recognized as viable contenders and will drive serious, above- the-line profits (subscriber growth); and M&E players will find M&A may provide accelerated growth and potential market dominance. It will be the year where East melds with West as entertainment discovers a borderless world. It will be the year where consumers find bundles tolerable; and in fact, appealing. When Disney acquired Fox, including all of the "out of the world" potential of Stan Lee's Marvel comics, it combined it with its home-grown content and had the potential of capturing international audiences – both male and female. Yes, there were a lot of guy hero stuff, but both Marvel and

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