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powered by Intel Core i9 CPU and Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics and yes it will be 5G ready. Friendship, Companionship We suddenly realized there was a new category of solutions at CES we thought were just cute but actually fill a void for darn near everyone. Our devices have made us more connected and more isolated, more alone. People complain about the problem all the time and now there are a lot of solutions – autonomous friends, companions! The MarsCat and Yukai's headless kit ten were big hits but we're more of a dog person so, Tombot's golden retriever pup, Jennie, is the kind of " friend" we'd like to come home to after a really crappy day. Pet her, talk to her and she responds without judging and is just someone you like to be around. If you like a little more action, a little more response; Groove X's huggable robot LOVOT more than fits the bill. You can hug it, pet it, talk to it and will be your new best friend. But he (she?) will also patrol the house just in case. Samsung has spent $22B and has about 1,000 AI specialists working on the advanced technology and they plan on having it ever y where. So, at CES this year, co - CEO H.S. Kim showed of f Ballie, a personal and personable robot that rolls around the house. It follows you around, responds to commands, records/stores stuff, and well he (it?) can kinda' grow on you. Ballie looks fun, smart and helpful; but best of all, Kim promised it would keep secrets secret! But if you're more into "real" people, Samsung's NEON may be more to your liking. Like your video - game characters, they're computer- generated " folks" who talk, behave like humans. They remember, learn and can be great (according to Samsung) friends, collaborators, companions. But more than just a casual relationship, they can also serve as teachers, financial advisors, healthcare providers, concierges and people who will hang out with you without judging. There's a lot more to CES than just glitzy booths and products that may or may not ever make it to market, but that's for another time. The key for all of the 4500 exhibitors is to figure/carve out their place. As Ruby Ray Moore so aptly said, "Cause every city in America got those same five blocks. And those folks is going to love it!" SOURCE "DOLEMITE IS MY NAME," DAVIS ENTERTAINMENT

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