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From the outside, the car looks "interesting" but on the inside the interior and soft ware are still in what we'd call beta stage. Their world- class roster of designers and engineers still have work to do before they ramp up production in their huge Chinese manufacturing facility. Think of it as a low- cost Tesla. If you like to feel your music while driving, the Continental Ac2uated Sound system is a great aftermarket product. The Seinnheiser speakerless audio system's actuators vibrate your interior – dash, pillars, door panels, headliner – to produce totally immersive surround sound. And if you think James Corden's Carpool Karaoke looks like fun, Carkit AI's Roxie could help you (almost) enjoy those endless hours in traffic. Plug it into your car's cigarette lighter socket and BAM!! your car is a hands-free mobile karaoke room. Choose music from Apple Music, Spotify, TuneIn, whatever and you're "on the air", having a ball and looking like a fool to the folks in the car next to you. You can do it all for under $150. If you want to get above it all, Bell Helicopter (and Hyundai) are racing to deliver their VTOL (vertical takeo' and landing) air taxis. Bell's electric-powered beauty has a range of 150 miles and will easily handle 4-5 passengers. Management describes it as safe, quiet, clean and green. Hot on their tail is the Hyundai S-A1 electric VTOL that is being developed for Uber's flight-sharing service. With a range of 60 miles, the S-A1 has a range of 60 miles at 180 mph. Cost per trip? If you have to ask, forget it! Both are a lot different from the air taxis in Fifth Element and Blade Runner 2049 and there's a lot less violence. TV Time When you think of CES, you envision big, beautiful screens so, it's rather fitting that LG's expansive moving image screen dominated the main entrance to Central Hall as a warm-up to the brilliance that lies ahead. Music to the Ears – Continental unveiled a speakerless immersive sound system for vehicles (T) while Carkit o"ered up a karaoke system for folks who want to really let go. SOURCE CONTINENTAL, CARKIT 8K Dreams – Samsung had our kids in mind when it introduced its rotating horizontal, vertical screen (T) while Vizio focused on beautiful OLED screens designed for the family room. SOURCE PC MAG, CES Above it All – TFlying taxis are getting serious as Bell unveiled the second generation of 5-passenger VTOL (T) while Hyundai showed o" its solution which is being developed for Uber's flight-sharing service. SOURCE CNET

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